At Fun with Dips. All our products are Real, Simple and Good.

We offer a wide variety of Savory Dips, Delicious Dessert Mixes, as well as Soup Mixes, Chili Mixes, Drink Mixes and now we also offer Seasonings.

Our Dips and Mixes are simple to prepare, delicious, and contain the finest ingredients and ultimate taste.

Our Savory Dips and our Dessert Dips are all Natural with No preservatives, no MSG's and most are Gluten Free.

We also offer a great selection for our Vegetarian and Vegan friends.

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 Fun with Dips Philosophy is this. PEOPLE!

People want a great product that is REAL and doesn't have any of that processed stuff you get with the other companies.

People like simplicity, so we make our products SIMPLE to prepare.

People like taste so we make our products have a consistent texture, color and taste that is the same every time and make sure that they are GOOD every-time you make them

Affiliates can earn 25% commission on personal sales.

Refer others to our program and have the potential to earn 3% on all your immediate down line's (1 level deep) sales activity, and an additional 2% on your 2nd level down line (3 levels deep).

If you promote to higher level you can earn an extra 2-5% on additional down line

Also you opt to get a 30% site discount when you convert your commission to store credit.

BEST PART IS WE PAY OUT WEEKLY - with a minimum of $5 payout via PayPal only

If you don't have a sponsor, that's ok we will match you up with one of our top affiliates after you sign up. They will reach out to you, to help you get set up and start training.

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 Quota Requirement - NO QUOTAS

Website Fees – NONE and you get a dashboard where you can track your network, commissions and invite others to join.

Inventory requirement – NONE, unless you plan on doing events or markets. Which we highly encourage and recommend looking in to your local farmers markets and festivals.

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